The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is an experienced service provider in the field of international cooperation with a wealth of regional, technical and methodological expertise as well international management know-how. In all our activities, helping to develop the skills, capacities and knowledge of our partners has been one of our core tasks.

WHAT GIZ Training Services - Bangkok now offers a range of high-quality training and seminar courses in a wide array of sectoral focus areas such as agriculture, energy, environment, communication, consultancy, leadership development, and trade, among others. Modules can range from one-day workshops to one-week seminars or one-year programmes, combining with a whole range of methodologies such as case studies, project-based assignments, or study trips.

WHO Our class participants are from different sectors and from government bodies, public entities, private companies, NGOs, development organizations, and international organizations. To date, we have provided our services to customers from Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, South Asia, and Latin America. The training courses are conducted in cooperation with GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), GIZ’s training facility in Germany.

WHY GIZ Training Services - Bangkok?

Ø With experienced trainers from GIZ head office, the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), regional and Thai GIZ programs, as well as a network of external local and international trainers, we can offer trainings on a broad range of topics and in various languages such as German, English or Thai.


Ø We are in a convenient location! With Suvarnabhumi International Airport supporting international flights from many countries and Don Muang Airport connecting you to the cities in Thailand and Asia, travelling to Bangkok is easy and convenient. Furthermore, participants will have the chance to spend their free time in and outside the wonderful city of Bangkok where they can explore the culture, historic monuments, nature and shopping complexes. 


Ø      GIZ office Bangkok is your ideal event organizing partner with years of experience in organizing and supporting highly-professional regional and international conferences and workshops for GIZ and other international organizations. A variety of great training venues and fully facilitated function rooms are available within the abundance of affordable Bangkok’s world-class hotels.


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