Code Course Title Location Price*
SK-WM Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (28 October -1 November 2019)   New Bangkok 2100.00 EUR
SK-HM Negotiation Techniques for Successful Cooperation (28 -30 October 2019)  New Bangkok 1180.00 EUR
MP-BL Project Cycle Management with LogFrame Tools (28 October - 1 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1670.00 EUR Fully Booked
KE-SR Driving Sustainable Rice Cultivation: Understanding the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators (4 - 6 November 2019)  New Bangkok 650.00 EUR Fully Booked
SK-BP Effective Communication and PR for Development Cooperation: How to utilize media and increase project visibility and outreach: English (4-8 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1630.00 EUR
SK-WM Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (4-8 November 2019)   New Bangkok 2100.00 EUR Fully Booked
MP-AT Monitoring Results and Evaluation: Advance Training (RBME) (4-8 November 2019)  New Bangkok 2000.00 EUR Fully Booked
MP-CD Capacity Development: Concepts, Processes and Tools (11-15 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1990.00 EUR Fully Booked
MP-RB Results-based Management Workshop: How to design and implement project effectively (11-15 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1700.00 EUR
CW-BI Managing Cooperation with Capacity Works (18 - 22 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1600.00 EUR Fully Booked
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate