Introduction to GIZ IT Tools and Applications for Daily Management (Upon request)



Date:  Upon request

Venue: Bangkok

Information Technology or IT becomes more and more important in our private and professional life. for our work, it plays assistance role making our work process easier and faster. Sometimes we are facing problems in optimizing these tools and application in our work context. In this 3-day course, you will learn about fundamental IT concept, tools and applications within GIZ which are necessary for your daily work.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • Know about GIZ log-in system and be able to manage their access and credential independently
  • Know the fundamental of GIZ intranet and be able to use its basic functions e.g. searching relevant information for daily works, sharing information with others, customizing own menu/favorites
  • Know the basic functions of DMS and be able to manage documents for their own project or unit
  • Be able to use some GIZ basic application e.g. GIZ file transfer, Skype for Business
  • Know the basic IT security principle
  • Have discussed and exchanged tips and tricks on MS Office 365 and other daily challenges

Content / Topics

  • GIZ Single Sign on System (SSO) and password management
  • Fundamental of GIZ intranet and its basic functions 
  • Basic functions of DMS
  • GIZ basic application e.g. GIZ file transfer, Skype for Business
  • MS Word 365: mail merge, relevant functions for report, layout design for publication, developer function
  • MS Excel 365; filtering, sorting and grouping information, drop-down function, basic excel formula, basic data analysis with pivot table 
  • MS Outlook 365: email management with folders, email archive with personal folders, creating emails with quick parts, creating group contact, delivery function, using outlook calendar and meeting arrangement
  • IT security
  • IDA
  • Common Portal

Training approach

  • Interactive presentation 
  • Reflection and discussion by participants
  • Application of learning through selected own examples, elaborated in group work
  • Group presentation and peer learning
  • Live demo

Who should attend this training

GIZ newcomers or staff who has less experience in GIZ intranet, DMS and MS Office 365. This course is a fundamental course and not recommended for staff who is already familiar with GIZ IT system.