BasiQ Training for Managers (2019)

1900.00 EUR


Date: 4-8 March, 11-15 March, 18-22 March, 7-11 October, 14-18 October 2019 

Training Fee1900 EURO

Who should attend this training?

GIZ staff in Band 5 or 6 with line responsibility and want to clarify your role and your competencies as a manager and learn professional management methods.

This offer is exclusively directed at employees in band 5 (IMA/AMA, NP)
or in band 6 (NP) who, at the time of course registration, already have
current disciplinary management responsibility.

This course does not serve as preparation for a management position and also cannot be booked
before taking on a management function.

Please understand that we are unable to make any exceptions to these


You learn about your role and competencies as a manager and the methods
of professional management.

In this course, you will address the following topics:

  • Changing your role from that of an expert to a manager
  • Analysing your current professional level and strengthening your individual management skills
  • Human resources for managers: understanding and application of processes and procedures
  • Challenges regarding communication, particularly staff talks
  • Providing and receiving feedback

Training approach 

Participant oriented training methods: 

  • Tutorials
  • Practical exercises
  • Tandem and group work
  • Peer counselling


To attend the BasiQ, prior completion of the Digital Personnel Module
(DPM) for managers is required. Access is available via the management
portal (Personnel topics > Digital personnel module for managers).

Please refer any questions you may have to:

Course language: English

How to register and more information:

Please register for this course via GIZ Academy Programme by visiting the link below:

(If the link does not work, please copy and paste in your internet browser)


If any issue regarding registration for this course, please contact: 

Ulrike Hoffmann, AIZ-Kundenservice

+49 228 4460-1369