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Cooperation and Team Management: Achieving goals together (9-12 September 2019)

2140.00 EUR


Date: 9-12 September 2019

Training fee: 2,140Eur

Leadership is a competence, an attitude, and a behaviour that goes beyond formal authority and it is essential in international cooperation.

Learning objectives and topics

You would like to carry out your coordinating role effectively and enable a cooperative coexistence in the team in the interests of achieving your professional objectives together.

This course offers you following content:

  • professional leadership and responsibility during the management and leadership of specialist tasks
  • your role as an expert coordinator - personal and systemic challenges and possibilities for configuration
  • team communication and interaction: principles of discussion management; clarification of tasks and delegation
  • understanding team processes, motivation and team diversity, and putting them to constructive use
  • coordination and management of joint work processes

Training approach

  • Kick-off and follow-up webinar

  • Reflecting on models on a practically-relevant basis
  • Individual and group-based work
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Peer counselling: working on the specific concerns expressed by the participants

Who should attend this training? 

  • Specialist (level 4) who cooperates closely with employees, whom you also coordinate, albeit without managing them at a disciplinary level. As part of your responsibility for implementation, for example, your managers entrust you with tasks and/or the management of a definitive field or remit.