Effective Proposal Writing with LogFrame (22-26 July 2019)



Date: 22-26 July 2019

Training fee: 2,260Eur

Getting funding for your great development ideas is one of the most important and challenging steps. Besides convincing intervention strategy and good network, one needs to understand the donors’ expectation, master project conception and development skills, and most importantly, know how to write!

The workshop tackles key factors for successful project acquisition and proposal writing. The participants shall bring their own case for exchange with others and receive coaching from the trainers / moderators.       

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, the participants will

  • know how to acquire new projects with systematic approaches
  • understand steps/elements and good practices in project conception and development
  • learns useful concept and tools for effective proposal writing
  • exchange experience, challenges and lessons-learned
  • apply concept and tools in their own proposal writing

Content / Topics

  • Experiences on acquisition process with focus on grant projects
  • Good project designing and planning for diversified funding sources, based on “managing for results” concept
  • Basic principles, concepts, steps and tools of “results-based management” e.g. situation analysis, results chains, LogFrame, M&E
  • Success factors in project implementation
  • Structure of standard proposal and information required
  • Tips and tools for effective proposal writing
  • Challenges and solutions during planning and implementation

Guest Input:With special inputs from invited guest with experiences in project acquisition and writing successful proposal


Vorathep (Tick) Songpanya is deputy country director of GIZ Thailand. He supports project development and monitoring of German international cooperation based in Bangkok. He is the person behind most of GIZ Thailand project acquisition success, especially with the EU, German and other donors.


Jarukan Rassiri is the director of GIZ Training Services Bangkok and one of trainer team for results-based management. Prior to training career, Jarukan worked for EU-funded project for health care reform, and for Thai-German co-financing cooperation in the fields of rural development, agriculture and south-south cooperation in Southeast Asia.

Workshop approach

Each topic/session consists of

  • Brainstorming on the topic
  • Short & interactive inputs by resource persons
  • Reflection and discussion
  • Practice on participants’ own case
  • Exchange, feedback and peer learning
  • Coaching during application

The workshop will be directly linked with participant’s current works. Exercises will be on selected proposal cases from the participants

Who should attend this training?

Staff of public, private or civil society organizations, including experts or consultants in any topics, who: 

  • are responsible for project acquisition and currently supporting project development and acquisition processes
  • want to expand their knowledge, skills and experiences in project development and acquisition.
  • want to improve their proposal development and proposal writing skills


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