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Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues: Skills for Successful Cooperation (24-26 July 2019)

1390.00 EUR


Date: 24-26 July 2019

Training fee: 1390 EURO

In this three-day training participants will acquire the necessary competences to successfully design and orchestrate multi-stakeholder processes in international contexts.

Learning Objectives 

At the end of the workshop, participants will

  • be able to analyze and interpret actor networks and relating interests in the context of their country of operation;
  • be able to position themselves within the network of interrelating stakeholder interests, and they can develop strategies of action for their partners and themselves;
  • be able to design a process architecture to initiate and accompany social dialogue processes; 
  • know different event designs and moderation techniques to successfully plan and carry out dialogue events and activities of different complexity.

Training approach

  • Visualized and interactive short input presentations and lectures
  • Practical exercises and experiments
  • Multi-stage simulations and current case studies
  • Seminar reader

Who should take this course 

National and international executives, directors, managerial staff and (senior) project managers from private companies and public organizations working in multi-stakeholder environments. Bringing your partners to this training is beneficial for a joint learning experience.

This training is suitable to invite your partners in order to discuss the multi-stakeholder processes in your project, and thus achieve a joint learning experience.