Effective Training Design and Management (19-23 August 2019)



Date: 19-23 August 2019

Training fee: TBC

The success factor of training measures are : enabling participants to be active, supporting them in making experiences and initiating reflection for the transfer of training contents into daily practice. In this training, the participants will exchange their experiences on how adults learn best and how to design and conduct training that enables personnel competency development. Participants will take their current training activities for application exercise and get peer feedback through the whole training cycle.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will have:

  • enhanced their capacities in tailoring training plans to the respective needs of a group by being aware of core approaches of training needs analysis;
  • strengthened their attitudes, tools and skills of a training developer when it comes to developing training courses and to designing related material;
  • widened their knowledge and experience concerning selecting and applying training methods;
  • developed the core elements of a self-selected training plan;
  • applied and deepened the learning in practical exercises;
  • developed an individual improvement plan for their further development as training developer.

Content / Topics

  • The basics of a training needs analysis
  • The basics of didactics and methodics of training courses
  • Tools for designing training courses
  • Methods for teaching and participative trainings
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • Development of elements of training plans
  • Development of individual improvement plans

Training Approach

  • Technical inputs & presentations, discussions, case studies, application of learning through practice including interactive methods
  • Peer learning and coaching during the application
  • Participants need to fill in self-assessment questionnaire prior to the training, so that the trainer can assess and adjust the training to be closer to the group demand. However, the balance between the individual, group and topic content will be applied.

Who should attend this training

  • Staff of public, private or civil society organization who has to play the role of a training developer/organizer.
  • Current trainers/consultants in any specific topic who have some beginner or intermediate experiences in being a trainer

What do people say about the training?

“I have attended a training of trainer program before, but this one provided by GIZ Training Service is quite different. Now I have gained deeper understanding on both the theory and the logic behind how adults learn and all important tools.  I am very sure I can make use of and apply them to the Pollution Control Department training program.” 

Ms. Jarinporn Tippamongkol, Environmentalist Professional, Environmental Quality and Laboratory Division, Pollution Control Department (PCD) of Thailand



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