Successful Team Management (2019)



Date: TBC

Training fee: TBC

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the training, the participants will 

  • know their own values, strengths and qualities as a team leader and their own leadership style
  • understand their role as a team manger
  • be able to apply communication techniques to steer individual behaviour and group processes
  • be able to provide feedback to team members
  • be able to facilitate team meetings and decision making processes efficiently
  • are aware of the characteristics of efficient teams and can steer their team through the four major phases of team building and team development
  • be able to assess the performance of individual staff members and set objectives for personal growth and development
  • be able to observe conflict signals and address conflicts effectively

Content / Topics

  • Leadership styles
  • Communication and feedback techniques
  • Role clarification
  • Team characteristics
  • Phases of team development
  • Staff appraisal and setting of performance standards
  • Handling of team conflicts

Who should attend this training?

Managers, government officials, technical experts, advisor, etc. with leadership functions and/or responsibilities in the field of organizing effective teamwork who want to improve their understanding and skills with regard to team building and human resource development (HRD).

Training approach

The training course follows a action-oriented approach (learning-by-doing). Emphasis is on role-plays that depict situations from the participants’ work context as background. Training methods that will be applied include

  • theory presentations,
  • individual and group work exercises
  • video feedback  
  • individual coaching.