Impact Story Writing (20-22 November 2019)

1120.00 EUR


Date: 20-22 November 2019

Training fee: 1120 EURO

Let’s write for a sixth grader!

“Effective writings are writings which can easily be comprehended by a sixth grader. Regardless of the technical content of the writing, it is effective if a sixth grader is able to understand the written material. It is also considered effective if the writing has an impact to the reader or an action has been taken after reading the written material.”

Quote from a participant from the Philippines in the Effective Communication and PR for Development Cooperation, Academy For International Cooperation (AIZ) Bangkok,2016

When writing a press release, or a story for a newsletter and website, or a speech, you may experience spending weeks looking for ideas, days starting your first sentence, and hours writing a very technical story which you may not be happy with.

In this ‘Impact Story Writing’ workshop, we would like to invite you to ‘work’ and ‘shop’ for your writing materials and ingredients to spice up your writing and get you ‘key message’ across to your audiences in a short time. This ‘work+shop’ will save your Paracetamol and time while you can get quicker attention, and reaction. Impact is here and now.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will have

  • Understood the overall structure and elements of effective story writing and functions
  • Learned to identify writing objectives and audiences, and select the key messages to fit the audiences
  • Gained tips to write more attractively
  • Practiced conducting interview
  • Practiced writing your impact story
  • Learned and practiced how to use supporting elements more effectively i.e. pictures, figures, illustrations and quotes 


  • Structure and elements of effective writing: headline, lead, body and quote
  • Language for effective story writing
  • Dos and Don’ts for effective and results-based writing
  • Why good ‘story’ telling and how to write story more effectively
  • Rules of good photos and captions
  • Interview techniques

About the trainer

Rojana Manowalailao


Rojana in Thailand literature means writing, and somehow, Rojana has taken writing as a career for over 15 years. Rojana started her first writing job as a journalist at The Nation English newspaper in Thailand for six years before she became a Media and Communication Officer for the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the ASIA and Pacific Region in Bangkok for six more years. She also worked with GIZ in Bangkok for three years with ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems project in Bangkok as a communication officer. Besides writing, Rojana has experiences in website, and social media management, public information material production, and publication design management. She says writing is like cooking that you create your own recipe and all you need is the ‘right’ ingredients.

Training approach

Participant oriented training methods:

  • Interactive presentations of theory
  • Discussion
  • Simulation
  • Reflection
  • Application through case studies and group works

Who should attend this training?

Development cooperation practitioners from governmental, international, non-governmental organizations who want to make impact through storytelling and writing

A good command in English is a must to be able to effectively participate in the workshop.


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