Intercultural Training: Working in International Context



Date: TBC

Training fee: TBC

Working in an international context has become an important part of the global work environment. Whether it is for international organizations or the private sector, the different cultural backgrounds of team members can lead to hidden challenges. This intensive three-day workshop focuses on the reflection of own cultural values and those of others. We will deal with different approaches, models and techniques for multi-cultural environment. This can help the participants to understand other cultures more and improve communication and cooperation in or among teams.

Learning Objectives

During this workshop participants will acquire necessary competencies to more efficiently work in international teams and be better able to resolve conflicts within those.

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • Have enlarged their knowledge on intercultural models and approaches and are able to apply them in their team environments.
  • Are better able to handle cultural diversity and can better resolve team conflicts in intercultural diverse teams.
  • Have reflected on and gained insights into the cultural backgrounds of their colleagues.
  • Have understood different organizational cultures and the connection to national cultures.

Content / Topics

  • Self-perception and perception of other cultural attributions.
  • Reflection on own cultural patterns.
  • Cultural conditionality of values systems and a comparison of values. Cultural models and their practical application in the work context.
  • Team work in culturally diverse teams. Team building, hierarchies, motivation and incentives in different cultures.
  • Linguistic aspects of cultures.
  • Body language in different cultures
  • Additional information for more country specific preparations.

Training approach

Participant oriented training methods:

  • Trainer input
  • Discussion
  • Role plays
  • Individual and group works
  • Culture model exercise
  • Critical incidents

Who should attend this training?

  • Managers and team members of intercultural diverse teams who want to improve their competencies to work in an international organizational environment.

A good command in English is preferable to be able to effectively participate in the workshop.