GIZ Corporate Knowledge for Band 5 & 6 (Upon request)



GIZ Corporate KnowledgeUnderstanding GIZ in international and development cooperation

Date:  Upon request

Training Objectives:

At the end of the training, the participants will have: 

  • acquired overview on GIZ's mandate and objectives in international development
  • acquired overview on GIZ's commissioning parties, commission management and service delivery
  • understood how two main business fields work: Public Benefit and International Services
  • reflected on GIZ’s guiding principle of sustainability
  • acquired overview of GIZ’s strategic orientation and cooperation management concepts & tools
  • understood GIZ as a public-benefit federal enterprise: oligations to the German government and right of the german government
  • understood GIZ's organizational chart and key processes
  • practiced their understanding on GIZ in their work context
  • learned and practiced effective communication about GIZ and its way of working in different contexts


  • GIZ’s mandate and objectives in the context of international developments
  • Commissioning parties, understanding of commission management, service delivery
  • Differences between the two business fields ‘Public benefit’ and International Services (IS)
  • Sustainability as GIZ guiding principle, key elements of GIZ’s strategy, cooperation management concepts and tools
  • GIZ as a public-benefit federal enterprise
  • GIZ’s organisational chart and key processes.
  • Effective communication, elevator pitch etc. – how to communicate about GIZ in an understandable and precise way

Training Approach

  • Interactive presentation and exchange
  • Reflection and discussion by participants
  • Application of learning through case studies and group work
  • Group work and peer learning

About the trainer and resource persons

  • Country Director, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Vorathep Songpanya, Consultant (Ex-Deputy Country Director for Project Development & Support, GIZ Office Bangkok)
  • And other experience GIZ project team leader / officer

Who should attend this workshop: GIZ National Personnel (NP) in Band 5-6 working at country office or in project and programme. International staff is also welcome if they have not yet been through a similar training before.