Biodiversity Conservation for Human Well-Being (26-29 November 2019)




**This training is only open for those who preregistered with SNRD Biodiversity working group.**

Date: 26-29 November 2019

Training fee: tbc

This course provides an overview of the most relevant developments, concepts, and practical tools in biodiversity conservation and management in the context of international cooperation.

The aim is to familiarize participants with the international framework of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) as well as concepts and approaches for its implementation at national level. The course provides insight into current challenges as well as opportunities and related tools in technical and policy advisory services. The interactive setting offers a forum for the exchange of experiences and enhances networking in the region.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • have a sound understanding of the concept of biodiversity and the linkages with human well-being
  • have an overview of concepts, tools and examples of biodiversity conservation used in German Cooperation;
  • have discussed challenges and trade-offs among conservation needs and development interests.
  • be familiar with the international policy framework: the CBD and its Strategic Plan 2011-2020;
  • have explored linkages of biodiversity conservation with other Rio
    Conventions and the Sustainable Development Goals, especially
    climate change.

Training approach

Trainers will provide key facts and concepts, participants´ learning will be stimulated by a mix of methods, including

  • presentations by trainers on political and implementation concepts and examples;
  • interactive exercises to bring out key observations;
  • group work for intense exchange of experiences;
  • facilitated discussions in plenary;
  • an excursion (1/2 day) 

Who should attend this training?

This basic course has been designed for practitioners and technical staff from government and sector ministries, NGOs and civil society, advisors and consultants.

The training course will be held in English. A good command of spoken English is required for effective learning.



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