Digital Health Policy Course (24-28 June 2019)

1530.00 EUR


Date: 24-28 June 2019

Training fee: 1530 EUR

Why this course?

In five days the course focuses on the foundational issues that enable effective digital health. It is based on practical knowledge of key digital health issues, in particular: understanding how digital health strengthens health systems, developing digital health strategies, enabling digital health systems to work together, and managing behavioural change. The combination of the practical and policy experience of the trainers, together with what participants bring from their national and local experiences provides a unique blend.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • be introduced how to prepare and appraise strategies for digital health
  • be able to blend current literature and the experiences of your peers to assess key challenges in digital health
  • have armed yourself with the appropriate tool kits to evaluate areas of cost efficiencies and growths in benefits for multiple stakeholders
  • know how to plan for the interoperability of digital health solutions
  • be able to formulate your key priorities for implementing digital health governance
  • know how to set up the key actions needed to introduce different types of registries, and introduce unique identifiers
  • get familiar with analyzing the benefits and risks of introducing health client registries
  • have planned the actions needed to introduce digital health records in three types of settings and identify key management and behavioral change
  • be able to critically review management action plans and monitor evaluation frameworks in existing digital health strategies
  • have an idea how to identify the behavioral changes required in yourself and your own organizations in order to most effectively implement improved digital health

Who should attend this training?

This course is intended for GIZ staff and external customers, i.e. policy advisers, decision makers, government officials and development partners. You work in a governmental or implementing agency, in the public sector in general or for a development programme and you are in charge of or engaged in the development of digital health strategies.

Training approach

  • Presentations
  • Group exercises
  • Reflection activities
  • Discussions

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