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Study Visit on Thailand’s Agricultural Extension



Date: 26. May - 1. June 2019

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Agriculture sector has been well recognized of its multiple roles and contribution to sustainable development, among others, including food security, poverty alleviation, livelihoods of rural communities. Due to globalization, urbanization and fast growing development, agriculture sector faces challenges namely fast growing demand for food, reduction of areable and productive lands, aging farmers, impacts of climate change, etc. Meeting these challenges, the sector would need an enabling policy, technological innovation and collaboration among stakeholder concerns. One important support needed lies in the evolving agricultural extension policy and approach so that to induce a continued farmer learning leading to adoption of technology and practices that help to sustainable farmers livelihoods and adaptability to emerging changes. Learning experiences from other countries such as Thailand will enable Myanmar’s officials to understand the policy and approaches in which agricultural extension has been implemented as well as to induce learning and identify possible application of relevant policy and approach to Myanmar.

Workshop objectives and expected results:

At the end of the study visit, the participants will

  • Be exposed to Thailand’s agricultural extension policy and approaches that contribute to development of the sector, including challenges and strategies to overcome them;
  • Have observed and gained first hand experiences on selected successful agricultural extension initiatives and models;
  • Be able to identify relevant policy, approaches and practices, which could be used as a basis for possible introduction and application in Myanmar.

Who should attend the training

Development practitioners or officer from public sector who work in agricultural extension and are looking for experiences and practices from Thailand in improving their extension works.