Negotiation Techniques for Successful Cooperation (28 -30 October 2019)

1180.00 EUR


Date: 28 - 30 October 2019

Training fee: 1180

An intensive training for those who want to be successful in constructive negotiations, especially suitable for directors, managerial staff and managers.

The further your career advances, the more important it becomes to be a skilled negotiator. This intensive three-day workshop focuses on the Harvard Method of negotiation which can be applied when talking to colleagues, convincing your boss, or discussing assignments with business and project partners!


Learning Objectives

During this workshop participants will acquire the necessary competencies for individual as well as group negotiations. The workshop focuses on negotiation scenarios in cooperation with a strong emphasis on intercultural pitfalls.

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • be able to communicate effectively with cooperation partners;
  • be able to deal with and prevent conflicts;
  • be able to achieve culturally adequate goals or consensus using communication techniques and strategies;
  • know a win-win-oriented negotiation model;
  • be able to apply a constructive negotiation style systematically.

Content / Topics

  • Preparing negotiations
  • Phases of the negotiation process
  • The Harvard negotiation model
  • Negotiating in a foreign language
  • Intercultural aspects in negotiations

Training approach

  • Simulation exercises: multistage simulation of bi- and multi-lateral negotiation scenarios
  • Case studies
  • Critical incidents
  • Trainer input
  • Discussion
  • Video recording for self-monitoring and feedback from the trainer and the group (if requested)

Who should attend this training?

  • International and national directors, managerial staff and managers who want to be successful in constructive negotiations.
  • A good command in English is preferable to be able to effectively participate in the workshop.


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