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Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (4-8 November 2019)

2100.00 EUR


An intensive training for planners & managers who want to conduct effective workshops and enhance their moderation/facilitation skills for workshops and daily meetings!

Date: 4-8 November 2019 

Training fee: 2100 EURO  

Workshops create space where people from different background & interests work together to achieve specific results. In development cooperation, managing this space can be a real challenge.

Effectively-designed workshop processes and effective moderation techniques can help people to adjust their interests and contribute for a mutual goal. It also helps us to overcome barriers of hierarchy, conflicts, competition, and self-interest which are common in any societal context.

This 5-day training offers you a range of workshop-related issues, from planning to on-stage practice.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants

  • know dimensions and processes of a workshop and similar events
  • understand the relation between work context and type of workshop
  • are able to elaborate own workshop designs
  • know relevant methods for workshops and similar events
  • know approaches for different workshop contexts
  • know how to deal with challenging situations
  • are enabled to use facilitation techniques effectively and culturally appropriate in their work
  • are able to moderate workshops effectively and in an outcome oriented approach
  • are able to apply a variety of moderation techniques for different process steps

Content / Topics

  • Definition and boundaries of a workshop, workshop dimensions
  • Types and objectives of workshops
  • The moderation process
  • Overview of methods and approaches for different contexts
  • Planning matrix and other planning instruments
  • How to deal with difficult situations and problematic dynamics during a workshop
  • Functions and tasks of the moderator
  • Question techniques
  • Practical application of facilitation techniques including feedback

Who should attend this training?

Staff of public, private or civil society organizations, and project staff who:

  • wants to plan and implement workshops/meeting effectively with their partners or multiple stakeholders
  • wants to enhance and apply moderation/facilitation skills in their workshops and daily meetings

Moderators or consultants in any topics who have beginner or intermediate experiences and want to improve their planning know-how and moderation technique in an outcome-oriented way


Training approach

  • Interactive presentation and exchange on concept and tools
  • Reflection and discussion by participants
  • Application of learning through selected own practical examples, elaborated in group work
  • Group presentation and peer learning
  • Intense feedback during application