Finance and Administration


Code Course Title Location Price*
UW-IC How to prepare for Internal Control (21 - 23 August 2019)  New Bangkok Fully Booked
KQ-FA Financing Agreement and Local Subsidies (2 - 6 September 2019)  New Bangkok 1140.00 EUR Fully Booked
KQ-IF SAP: Introduction to GIZ Project Finance management (23-24 September 2019)  New Bangkok 910.00 EUR Fully Booked
KQ-BI Internal Control of GIZ Projects (25-27 September 2019)  New Bangkok 890.00 EUR Fully Booked
MP-FB Understanding Finance and Administration in GIZ Projects: Basic Training (12-15 November 2019)  New Bangkok 920.00 EUR Fully Booked
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate