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Roles and Competencies in Consulting: five-day course focuses on the systemic approach to advisory services (18-22 November 2019)

1900.00 EUR


Date: 18-22 November 2019

Training fee: 1900

As a development practitioner, the service we provide to project partners and stakeholders lies in dialogue, advice and consultation to co-create sustainable and effective solutions. The more complex our global challenges are, the more difficult our work become. Sector knowledge and expertise alone cannot support us to be successful in our role as advisor.

This training emphasizes the personal dimension in designing advisory processes taking into account the intercultural implications, helping you to work more efficiently and successfully. The training is one of key qualification training for any seconded/international expert working for German international cooperation. Now we in Asia have access to this consulting know-how which can help you building up partner cooperation and better shaping the project results

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training, the participants will

  • gain an insight into the diversity of the advisor’s/consultant’s role,
  • assess your personal skills as a advisor/consultant and continuously improve them,
  • be able to review your advisor/consultant skills in the context of an intercultural work environment,
  • be able to actively build relationships with your clients,
  • gain an awareness of the potentials and limitations of
  • specific advisory interventions.

 Content / Topics

  • Models and methods for analyzing the various aspects of an advisory assignment,
  • Steering advisory processes,
  • Orientation in the diverse roles taken by consultants in the field of international cooperation,
  • Performing, monitoring and adapting your advisory assignment in a given context,
  • Pro-active development of client relationships,
  • The importance of culture in the advisory context,
  • Your personal understanding of your role as consultant, your strengths and the areas where you can learn more.

Training approach

You will be working with the following techniques, which you will also use as an advisor/consultant:

  • Clarification of the assignment – the triangular contract,
  • Reflecting on your own actions and the process,
  • Feedback,
  • Interviewing techniques,
  • Reframing,
  • Drafting hypotheses,
  • Appreciative inquiry.

Training methods such as video feedback and interactive dialogue supplement the above.

Who should attend this training?

Development practitioner, project staff (recommended course for National Personnel in Band 5 and 6 - Band 4 welcome), project expert and consultant working in public or private sectors



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