Code Course Title Location Price*
SK-EW Impact Story Writing (20-22 November 2019)  New Bangkok 1120.00 EUR
MP-NA Commission Management (25-29 November 2019)  New Bangkok 2050.00 EUR Fully Booked
KE-BC Biodiversity Conservation for Human Well-Being (2019)  New Bangkok or nearby
IL-ST Successful Team Management (2019)  New Bangkok
MA-AT Training of Trainers (Upon request)  New Bangkok
EG-DT Development Policy (Upon request)  New Bangkok or nearby
MA-WN Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques: Thai Language (Upon request)   New Bangkok
UW-CK GIZ Corporate Knowledge for Band 5 & 6 (Upon request)   New Bangkok
IT-TC Introduction to GIZ IT Tools and Applications for Daily Management (Upon request)  New Bangkok
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate