Code Course Title Location Price*
KQ-FA Financing Agreement and Local Subsidies (2 - 6 September 2019)  New Bangkok 1140.00 EUR Fully Booked
UW-CE Regional Communications Workshops(5-6 September 2019)   New Bangkok 840.00 EUR
MP-ST Cooperation and Team Management: Achieving goals together (9-12 September 2019)  New Bangkok 2140.00 EUR Fully Booked
FK-MD Media Training (9-10 September 2019)  New Bangkok 1720.00 EUR
OB-NB On-Boarding for GIZ New Staff (18-20 September 2019)   New Bangkok 810.00 EUR
KQ-IF SAP: Introduction to GIZ Project Finance management (23-24 September 2019)  New Bangkok 910.00 EUR Fully Booked
KQ-BI Internal Control of GIZ Projects (25-26 September 2019)  New Bangkok 890.00 EUR Fully Booked
GF-IM Migration Matters - Integrating Migration into Sector Portfolios (9-11 October 2019)  New Bangkok 1180.00 EUR
KE-NC Reaching national targets and goals of the Paris Agreement  New Bangkok
SK-WM Effective Workshop Design and Moderation Techniques (28 October -1 November 2019)   New Bangkok 2100.00 EUR Fully Booked
*VAT excl. & giz Staff are eligible for Employee Rate